Ms. Nelsen

 Class Information

Ms. Nelsen's First Grade Room 4

School starts at 8:15AM and ends at 2:40PM

On minimum days, school starts at 8:15AM and ends at 1:00PM


Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy

·         Rooms open at 8AM. Yard Duty will be on the 1-3 playground at this time also.

·         If your child is dropped off before 7:45 in the morning they will need to wait at the flag pole until an adult arrives.  There will be NO supervision before this time.


Safety Practices


ü  All bus riders will be taken up to the bus lines together.


ü   I encourage older siblings to pick them up at my door and escort them to the front/back pick up stations. If they do not have older siblings, please know that we do have adult supervision at both parking lots to watch students until an adult arrives. Please have a plan and tell your child WHERE they will be picked up so we can get them to the correct place.   


ü  Bring a photo ID if a child is going home with someone that is not their parents or normal guardians.


ü  All parents/visitors who are on campus during school hours need to check into the office and get a visitor pass BEFORE volunteering or visiting the classroom.


ü  If you plan to pick your child up early from school, you must sign them out in the office first. DO NOT come to the classroom. The office staff will contact the classroom and send the child to the office to meet you. Please allow sufficient time for any pickup, as we may be out at PE or recess, causing a delay in sending the child up to meet you. Even if it is only 5 or 10 minutes early, you must sign them out so the school has accountability for each child before dismissal. J


Bus Routine

PM-After school

Please remember to write me a note if your child will not be going home in the usual manner, or if your child will be picked up by someone new. If I do not have written or verbal permission, I must send your child home in the usual manner and to the usual bus stop.  By 2:15PM everyday the office and myself need to know of any changes in bus or pick up.  Call the office 368-0636 ext 33 or 34 if it is an emergency

If you live a distance from the bus stop and plan on bringing your child to the bus stop each day, please be there on time. The bus driver can only wait a minute or two, and then must continue on their route. If you are not there on time, you will be responsible for bringing your child to school.



ANY money brought to school by your child should be put in an envelope/zip lock that is clearly marked with:

1.    The amount enclosed

2.    The child and teacher’s name (Nelsen)

3.    The purpose of the money (lunch, book fair, pictures, etc.)


Cafeteria Lunch Money

We encourage you to stop by the office or use our online system to deposit money in a lunch account before school begins. Then your child will not need to be responsible for handling money.



Monday thru Thursday (except for special events) your child will have homework. My homework policy is based on our school boards’ adopted guidelines. They will have a math page and a language page. These will be sent home in their homework folder.  This folder needs to be returned each day with the finished homework.

In addition to the worksheets, your child will also have reading homework.  I consider this the most important piece. Research shows that regular reading is probably THE most critical element necessary in raising high achievers. Each night they will come home with a paper book, softback book, or hardback book. Sometimes you will have to sign a signature to ensure reading is done, other times not. I trust that you will have your child read to you each night.  Please make sure you return all softback (in included plastic bag to prevent water damage) and hardback books the next day as we need these for daily use.  You may keep all paper books at home. 


Friday night I will be sending home a large manila folder that will have all of their completed work in it from the week.  Please take out all of the pages and send the folder back Monday.


Reading Logs

Because I will be sending home reading homework 4 time a week, I will not be requiring a reading log. 


Absent Work Policy

I will collect missed work and send it home with your child when they return.  You may also send a sibling to collect it if you would like it sooner. I would appreciate it if you would complete and return the work within an appropriate timeframe.


Science/Social Studies

In an effort to align with upper grades, First Grade is going to switch classrooms this year for the above subjects.  I will be teaching Social Studies & Art & a little bit of Mystery Science, while Mrs. Gilbreath will be focusing completely on Science using our new FOSS curriculum.  We will have 2 lessons with both teachers weekly. 



The grading rubric for most 1st grade work is


*          =Awesome!! Great effort and work quality!


Ok       = Work is average, could be improved.


ü  = Poor quality and/or very little effort does not seem to care or did not try at all.


Spelling tests and the occasional math and reading tests will be graded on the following scale:


97-100   A+

93-96     A

90-92     A-

87-89     B+

84-86     B

80-83     B-

77-79     C+

74-76     C

70-73     C-

67-69     D+

64-66     D

60-63     D-

59 and below F


A – Above Grade Level

B – Grade Level

C - Approaching Grade Level

D – Below Grade Level

F – Far Below Grade Level


Newsletter/Parent Communication

You will be kept informed of our classroom activities and units of study through monthly newsletters. Check for the newsletter in your child’s homework folder at the beginning of each month. Occasionally, I will send home special notes or reminders. Lots of important information will be included in these newsletters and notes so please watch for them.




ü  Dress your child in comfortable clothing and shoes… clothing that is easy to move around in and ones you won’t mind if they get dirty.

ü  Please put first and last names in articles of clothing (coats, sweatshirts, etc.), backpacks, and lunchboxes that you send with your child.

ü  You can also Read about the student dress code in the Oak View School Handbook.



We have a 1,2,3 discipline plan here in 1st Grade.  I will give them a verbal warning the first 2 times that behavior is out of line.  If I have to warn them 3 times in a relatively short time span, they will be sent to a timeout.  More extreme situations will be dealt with accordingly.



We will have PE on Monday and Thursdays. Please send your child to school wearing tennis shoes on these days.  Also comfortable clothing that can get dirty.  The kids will be sitting on the ground and playing in the grass.


Incentive Programs

Sticker charts for homework = Prize Box

Group Points = 1st Rights

Marble Jar = Class Parties



Toys are not allowed at school or on the bus (See Oak View Handbook). Students will however, have an opportunity to bring in toys to share with the class when they are the “VIP of the week.”

They will be asked to keep personal belongings in their backpacks.



We love to acknowledge birthdays so if you would like to bring in a special treat for your child you are more than welcome to.  You may send it with your child that day or drop it off in the office anytime.   



Please send your child with their own snack in their backpack each day for the 10:00 snack recess.  If they do not wish to eat a snack at that time they do not have to eat one.  Most students are hungry though and need a little snack at this time.



Please make sure that I have current phone numbers (home, work, cell, etc.). This is very important in case of emergencies. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to call me at 368-0636 ext. 04, and leave a message. If possible, email is also available at . I check it periodically throughout the day.




Daily Schedule


8:15-8:35              Roll/Pledge/Journal (Music 8:30 – 9:00 Mondays)


8:35-9:00              Reading/Grammar Lesson/Phonics


9:00-10:00            Leveled Reading Groups


10:00-10:20          Snack Recess


10:20-11:30          Math lesson and Groups       


11:30-12:15          Lunch/Recess


12:15-12:30          Storytime/Calendar


12:30-1:30            Science/Social Studies/Art


1:35-1:50              Recess


1:50-2:30              Handwriting/Writer’s Workshop/PE/Library/Free Choice Fridays


2:30-2:40              Homework review/Pack up



*This schedule is subject to change depending on the needs of the school year

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