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School Burglary

Last night, August 9th, 2012, Oak View School was burglarized between 12:20 AM and 12:28 AM The two suspects cut a section of the chain link fence that borders our grass and the pumpkin patch on the west side of campus. They drove a fairly large, light-colored quad across the field up through the grass between wings 4 and 5 and then stopped between wings 2 and 3.  One suspect looked through the large windows in rooms 9, 10 & 11 while the other suspect walked to wing 2 and looked through the door windows of room 6, 7 & 8.  They then flipped a u-turn in the hallway of wing 2 and stopped in front of room 8.  The suspects then simultaneously broke the glass windows in the doors and reached through to open the door from the inside. They then took 3 iMac computers from each room along with the keyboard and mouse.  All cords were left behind in rm 7, and two cords were left behind in rm 8.  At this point the alarm was sounding so they quickly loaded the front and back of the quad and exited the same way they entered, through the field and then the cut fence.  The tracks lead to Collier Road where it appears they turn right, headed east on Collier. A local dairyman notified the school that a pair of bolt cutters were found half-way down his long driveway which runs west off of Dustin Road between Collier and Liberty Roads.
Our surveillance video and evidence left behind shows the following descriptions:
1. Large, light-colored quad. Appears to be equipped for farm work. Cage or box attached in front and some sort of back rest or other modification on back.
2. One pair of clear safety glasses was found at the scene. Brand: Starlite GS
Suspect #1
1. wearing lightly colored bandana or head piece that hangs behind the neck
2. athletic shoes, size 12
3. height: under 6ft
4. medium build
5. dark colored colors that are oversized or baggy causing the suspect to run in an awkward motion. 
6. Could possibly be wearing navy blue coveralls
7. Used a white scrap of fabric covering a hitch pin to break glass.  Left it in the window so the quad will be missing its hitch pin with red handle which is very greased up and dirty indicating it is used quite often for work.
Suspect #2
1. wearing dark baggy clothes
2. wearing dark hooded sweatshirt with a possible logo across the front
3. height: under 6’
4. medium build
5. walks with a swagger which may be cause by the baggy pants

If you hear or know any information please call the school at 209-368-0636, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office at 468-4400 or if you’d like to remain anonymous, call 1-800-78-CRIME. We are offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the recovery of our computers or conviction of the suspects.

Thank you,
Beverly Boone